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If you have a problem with me, tell me. Not everybody else.
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I had 99 problems till I got high and forgot them all

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People say it’s unprofessional to have piercings and tattoos. I think it’s unprofessional to judge people by their personal decisions.
— Subconscious thought that should be widely accepted (via hyliandude)
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She moved on and I feel sorry for you, because she overlooked your flaws, your temper, your selfishness, your inability to love anyone but yourself. She could have anyone in the world, but she still chose you every time. All you are now is a crease in her past, a scar on her chest, a memory that fades faster than a photograph of you in a sealed box, hidden. Maybe now she will fight for someone who loves her, instead of someone who sucks the life out of her, never satisfied, even with her beating heart in his greedy hands.
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